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Interval Temporal Logic
A not so short introduction
Antonio Cau

I  Propositional Logic
1 Syntax Propositional Logic
2 Examples Propositional Logic
3 State Propositional Logic
4 Semantic Boolean Operators
5 Semantics of Propositional Logic
6 Exercises Propositional Logic
II  Propositional Interval Temporal Logic
7 Syntax Propositional ITL
8 Examples Propositional ITL
9 Informal Semantics Propositional ITL
10 Semantic Preliminaries
11 Semantics of Propositional ITL
12 Derived Propositional ITL formulae
13 Exercises Propositional ITL
III  First Order Logic
14 Syntax First Order Logic
15 Examples First Order Logic
16 State First Order Logic
17 Semantics of Expressions
18 Semantics of Formulae
19 Exercises First Order Logic
IV  First Order ITL
20 Syntax First Order ITL
21 Examples First Order ITL
22 Informal Semantics First Order ITL
23 Semantics of Expressions
24 Semantics of Formulae
25 Derived First Order ITL formulae
26 Exercises First Order ITL